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Who We Are

Kamilche Consulting is a software development firm with an entrepreneurial twist. With over 25 years of software development experience on a wide variety of platforms and programming languages, we're especially well-positioned to develop custom software for your business, to help your take your business to the TOP.

Custom Solutions

There's no off-the-shelf software HERE. Each project is carefully crafted by hand, by our master mixologist, to ensure a smooth, finished product. Your employees, and more importantly, your customers, will appreciate the intrinsic ease-of-use, speed, and stability of the software provided.

Wardrobe Wizard

Software to stretch 3D models to match other 3D models, so they can share the same clothes.

Puppet Master

Software to transfer animations from one 3D model to another,so they can share the same animations.

Stitch Witch

Software to quickly create texture maps for 3D models.

Fight This Way

Combat routines to automatically play World of Warcraft for you.


Responsive Design

If you want your single website to look great for both desktop and mobile users, 'Responsive Design' is where it's at! This technology changes the layout and fonts of the website, depending on the screen resolution of the connected user. To see this in action, resize this browser window, going from very large to very small. You can see 3 different layouts in there, enough to please any user, whether they're standing at the bus stop, sitting at their cubicle, or visiting in your conference room.

Easter Eggs

Do you need your web site to snow at Christmas, or display fireworks on the 4th of July? We've got all the ingredients and special sauce to ensure your customers have a rip-roaring, grand old time, on your special day!

Game Development

A special interest of ours, is client-server game development and testing. We're experienced with creating tools for skinning 3D models, building 2D worlds, 3D model transformations, AI programming, UI development, testing, and much more. Give us a call today!